Universal Share to Unlock Without APIs Plugin

djazman85´s Universal Share to Unlock Without APIs WordPress Premium Plugin bringt mehre Shares in sozialen Netzwerken. Damit der Besucher verdeckten Content sehen kann, muss wahlweise einen Link teilen, eine Bewertung abgeben, eine Anzeige ansehen, den Feed Bookmarken etc.  Erst dann werden die Inhalte sichtbar.

Zu den weiteren Features des Plugins gehören unter anderem:

  1. Default supports many social networking, like: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedit, VK, etc
  2. Supports live bookmark for feed, like Ms. Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox
  3. Having report stats/logs use tables and graphs
  4. Available shortcodes and also attached to the html editor
  5. Can be combined with two alternatives, bookmarks and voting, and other
  6. Messages or words can be changed
  7. Available menus creates, edit and trash votes
  8. Voting results in the form of graphs
  9. Promotion page can be marked with tags
  10. Stats or Logs can be download (CSV), can open with Ms. Office Excel
  11. Supports Localization
  12. Available 25 themes (jQuery UI Theme)